CMSPL Guidelines & Rules  (Updated 4/18/23)



  1. General Rules Omaha softball, under the UBA contract, will have some “house rules” and then anything not covered there will follow USSSA rules.  The CMSPL also has its own set up “league” rules, so we will follow the CMSPL house rules first, then UBA house rules, and then the USSSA rulebook.
  2. Softballs - In 2023, teams can use any optic yellow, blue stitch, Classic Plus ball.  They no longer need to be purchased from UBA.  
  3. Batter's Box Postion - In 2020, a batter cannot stand with their back foot in front of homeplate.  The back foot must be even with or behind the front of the plate.
  4. Short Handed Teams Teams MUST have 9 players to start a game, regardless of if you are the home or away team.  If a team does start with 9 players, the 10th spot in the line-up WILL BE an automatic out (NO EXCEPTIONS, this is no longer up to the teams, too many arguments).  If a team drops to 8 players during the game, they can continue playing, but they MUST take an out for each player that has dropped out.  During the regular season, a team may pick up a player from another team.  During the league tournament, a team can only pick up a player from another team if the opposing manager agrees to it.  Managers are encouraged to be flexible on this, but teams should have enough players.  Don’t get upset if an opposing manager does decline, we want flexibility, but it is the final tournament and everyone is expected to have enough of their own players.  This rule exists because in past years, teams would pick up the best players from other teams and this created an unfair advantage.
  5. Tie Breaker Rule “One Pitch” If the game is tied at the end of the 7th inning or at the time limit, the “One Pitch” format will be used.  The offensive team begins the inning with the player scheduled to bat last, starting on 2nd base.  Each batter will start their at bat with a 3-2 count and NO COURTESY FOUL.  The batter will get 1 pitch to get a hit, strike out, walk, or foul out.  During the regular season, ONLY ONE EXTRA INNING will be played, but in the Tournament it will continue until a winner is determined. 
  6. Courtesy Runner.  Teams may use a courtesy runner, but ONLY once per inning.  The replacement runner can be anyone in the line-up, but there is one consideration.  If the courtesy runner’s at bat comes up while they are still on base, the courtesy runner MUST remain on base, and their at bat becomes an out.
  7. Player Disqualifications
    • Any player disqualified for fighting will be immediately suspended from ALL UBA leagues until the Omaha softball board meets and decides the official punishment.  Fighting can be based off of actual physical contact, or the appearance of malicious intent.
    • Excessive vulgar language, or arguing umpire judgment calls may lead to disqualification.  And umpires can disqualify players that threaten to hit the pitcher.
    • Zero tolerance for unsportsmanlike acts.  Umpires can disqualify any player, coach, or fan, for anything that they feel violates this rule.
  8. Homeruns. Two over the fence home runs will be allowed per game.  Each over the fence home run after two will all be outs.
  9. Game Length.  No new inning starts after 58 minutes.  Clock starts right after coin toss.
  10. Runs Ahead Rule.  20 after 3, 15 after 4, and 10 after 5.
  11. Flip Flop Rule – If the ‘Visitor Team’ is ahead by enough runs to satisfy the run rule after the ‘Home Team’ has batted in the 3rd, 4th, or 5th inning, then the original ‘Home Team’ stays up to bat.  They now ‘Flip Flop’ and become the new ‘Visitor Team’.  If they score enough runs to bring the run rule below the limit, then the game continues on as is with home and away flipped.  If they do not score enough runs to get below the run limit, then the game is over. 
  12. 12 Player Line Up’s.  Teams are allowed to have 12 players in their batting order, 10 on defense and 2 Extra Hitters.  Those 12 players are allowed to inter change on defense as they wish.  If a team begins the game with 12 players and loses someone due to injury or ejection, then they must take an out each time the missing player comes up to bat.
  13. Pitching Area The pitcher is allowed to pitch from anywhere in the rectangular area extending from the front of the pitching mound extending back 6 feet.  The pitcher must have one foot inside the rectangular box and the other one can be outside if they wish.
  14. Pitching The allowed pitching arc is 3 feet up from where the pitcher releases the ball, and up to 10 feet high.  For a ball to be called a strike it must cross below the batter’s highest shoulder and above the front knee.
    • Fake Pitching – In USSSA leagues the pitcher is allowed to “fake pitch” the ball to the batter for up to 5 seconds before releasing it.  In the CMSPL, in order to keep the game moving, and because it has lead to conflicts between teams, it was decided NOT to allow fake pitching in our league.
  15.  Forfeit Time If a team only has 8 players at game time, the umpire will start the game clock and a 10 minute waiting period before calling a forfeit.  If shorthanded team gets enough players before the waiting period is up, then the game will begin but the game clock will not be reset.  Previously the Sunday games were not allowed to have the waiting period, but UBA has changed their policy on this.
  16.  1 – 1 Count/Courtesy Foul.  Batters start with a 1 –1 pitch count, and will receive 1 courtesy foul ball on strike three.
  17.  Team Age Requirement The league has an age requirement of 30 or over.  Teams are allowed to have some players under the age of 30, as long as their line up’s are above 50% age 30 or over.  Teams can play with 10, 11 or 12 players, but MORE THAN HALF must be age 30 or over. If playing with 12 players, 7 must be 30 or over and 5 can be under 30.  If playing with 11 players, 6 must be 30 or over and then 5 can be under 30.  If playing with 10 players, 6 must be 30 or over and 4 can be under 30.  When short-handed with 9 players, 5 must be age 30 or over and then 4 can be under 30.  Managers are required to keep their line up’s legal for all games.  During the regular season, no formal protest method will be used to validate ages.  If there is a question, the managers should discuss it (amicably) on the spot.  During the league tournament, the “protest rule” (see below) will be in effect.
  18.  Coin Flips During the regular season there will be a coin flip before the first game of the double header.  The winner of the flip can choose to be home or visitor for the first game, and then it will be the opposite for the second game.


  1.  Tournament Items
    • Ejections – UBA has asked that we formally post our rule for this.
      • If a player is ejected from a game for an unsportsmanlike act, or arguing, they must set out the next game.
      • If a player is ejected for fighting, they are suspended for the remainder of the tournament.
      • If a player is ejected more than once for an unsportsmanlike act or arguing, the Tournament Director may suspend them for the remainder of the tournament. 
    • Coin Flips
      • For non-championship games, a normal flip will take place and the winner can chose home or away.
      • For the championship game(s), there will be a coin flip before the first game, and the winner can chose to be home or away.  If a 2nd game is required to decide the tournament, then the home and away teams reverse just like the double header games during the season.
    • Flip Flop Rule
      • The Flip Flop Rule will NOT be used during the tournament, the normal “Runs Ahead Rules” will be in effect.
    • Championship Game Length
    • The championship games will NOT have the 58 minute time limit, the games will be a full 7 innings.


  • Protest Rule This rule is currently only used for the league tournament.  All players that are age 30 or over MUST bring their Driver’s License to the dugout with them.  If a team suspects that the team they are playing does not have the correct ratio of age 30 & over players they can protest and have it checked.  Each team pays a deposit prior to the start of the tournament, and the team that loses the protest not only forfeits the game but also loses their deposit.  For a full explanation of how the Protest Rule works, click on the Protest Rule link back on the previous page.

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